Who are we?

Kusirumi is a brand of Peruvian organic coffee of high quality.

It is born from our passion for coffee and is cultivated with a lot of love by Peruvian producers from different areas of Peru.

The conditions of cultivation and the production process allow us to have, which has allowed us to have a great flavor and aroma ideal for any occasion. The coffee meets the highest production standards, which allows in order to maintain the most demanding international, social and environmental certifications continuously since 1997.

Kusirumi donates 5% of its sales to the SHARING JOY PROGRAM.

We have the following certifications
A unique aroma
How do we do it?
  • Cultivation

    We work with the communities of the Amazonas and Lambayeque regions between 1800 and 2200 meters above sea level, who cultivate coffee with great dedication.

  • Picking and Selection

    After the coffee has ripened, they harvest it and select the fresh coffee beens that meet our quality requirements.

  • Drying

    We drying them to the interperie in the traditional way or on stones in the zone of Punkurumi.

  • Selection

    After this process, the coffee beans that meet our quality requirements are again manually selected to be taken to our processing plant in Chiclayo.

  • Toasted

    In Chiclayo, we roast the coffee manually and with great care to obtain the aroma and flavor that characterizes us.

  • Packing

    Finally, grind the already roasted coffee bean and pack it manually so that it is ready for consumption.

Our coffes


Dark Roasted


Light Roasted

Points of sale
  • LIMA

    - La Sanahoria:
    Centenario 195 - Barranco
    Libertadores 145 - San Isidro
    El Polo 2 - Santiago de Surco
    Julio Coach - Av. Benavides 220 interior 102
    Lorena Pestana - Calle general Borgoño 770 Miraflores

    - -Freshmart: www.freshmart.pe
    - La Colorada: Calle Polar 47 - Miraflores
    -Verdeando: Las Caobas 146 - La Molina
    - Punto Orgánico: Av.Mariscal La Mar 718 - Miraflores
    - La Esquina Verde: Av. Ricardo Palma 1312 - Miraflores
    - La Calandria: Calle 28 de julio 206 C entre la 1 y 2 de Av. Grau - Barranco
  • - Garaje Gourmet : Comandante Aristides Aljovin 421 - Miraflores
    -Las Vecinas: Jirón Domeyer n° 219 Barranco
    -La Manzana Biomarket Orgánico y Natural: Av Los Aymaras n° 116 Tienda C Urb. Salamanca
    - La Orgánika: Av Jose Larco 1150 Miraflores

    -Orgánica Bio Bodega: Bolivar 194
  • Kusirumi en Wong:
    Wong Larcomar: Av Malecon de la Reserva 610 Miraflores
    Wong Bajada Balta: Av Sta Cruz 771 Miraflores
    Wong Miraflores: Esq. Benavides 1475
    Wong La Aurora: Luis Arias Schreiber 270 La Aurora
    Wong San Isidro: Av dos de mayo 1099 San Isidro
    Wong San Borja: Ucello 162 San Borja
    Wong Chacarilla: Monte Bello 150 Santiago de Surco
    Wong San Miguel: Esq Av La Marina con Av Universitaria
    Wong Aldaba: Av Benavides. Los Artesanos Santiago de Surco
    Wong Marsano: Av Santiago de Surco
    Wong Retama: Las Retamas 190 La Molina
    Wong La Planicie: Esq Elias Aparicio y Tahiti, La Molina
    Wong El Sol de la Molina
    Wong Camacho: Av Javier Prado Este
    Wong Panorama Plaza: Av Javier Prado Este
    Wong Ate: Av La Molina 378
Sharing Joy

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Enjoy our coffee and support the community of Punkurumi!

For each bag of Kusirumi of 250grs, we donated 5% to the breakfast program of the Punkurumi Initial School, a community located in the Lambayeque region where we grow, harvest and select our coffee.

Get in touch with us!

Contact us on +51 958967890 / pamela@kusirumi.pe


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